Playhouse Collection

Embark on a fragrant journey that sparks your imagination and rekindles your love affair with your home.

  • Homegrown Charm

    The sweet and sour scent of freshly-picked tomato mixes with woody pine as the perfect nod to summer’s end.

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  • Honey Daydream

    Goey honey and fresh pear blend with a touch of woodiness for a juicy yet fresh scent.

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  • Fireside Soirée

    Velvety pumpkin spiked with sweet rose and earthy mahogany blend for an elevated autumn classic.

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Amidst the stress of your day-to-day, finding time to ease up and wind down seems nearly impossible. How can you design a day with more time for yourself? 

At Tone Collection, we believe that lighting a favorite scent has the power to turn your house into a home, your daily routine into a ritual, your me-time into an environment ripe for dreaming and creativity. 

More than just a candle.

Premium phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oils

100% vegan coconut wax

Hand-crafted in the USA

A portion of every sale donated to Compassion International

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Hey there! I’m Nestle

founder and candle maker behind Tone Collection. Welcome to my corner of creativity.

Tone Collection is a personal expression of me, my art, and my daily devotion. As a brand dedicated to authenticity, simplicity, and faith, I hope each candle inspires you to dream a bit bigger, hug yourself a bit tighter, and enjoy more of life’s simple pleasures.

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