3 Quick Tips For Decorating Your Home The Sustainable Way

3 Quick Tips For Decorating Your Home The Sustainable Way

The most important way to feel at home in your space is to decorate it in a way that feels like you. Whether you opt for cozy, neutral spaces or bold, fun colors, it’s important that your home embodies your style.

But how can you decorate your home in a way that’s sustainable? In this post, we’re sharing our top tips for decorating your home the sustainable way.


Keep It Organized

Did you know Tone Candle vessels can be reused? Use our candles to decorate your space, but when the candle is finished, try to reuse the concrete vessel.

Here are a few ideas for how to reuse them: 

  • Pot a small plant 
  • Store toiletries like makeup brushes or cotton swabs
  • Organize art supplies like pencils and paintbrushes


Support Small Businesses 

Another way to sustainably decorate your home is by supporting local small businesses with amazing home decor items.

Here are a few of my favorites:

You can also take a trip to a local thrift store and browse around for some amazing home pieces. With a little luck, you’re likely to stumble across some unique home finds!


Make Sustainable Swaps

Another great way to decorate sustainably is to replace things like napkins and paper towels with decorative reusable options. Consider replacing plastic bags with reusable ones from the brand W&P or opting for glass or ceramic Tupperware for a beautiful display on open shelves. 

How do you decorate sustainably?

How are you reusing your Tone Candle vessels? Leave a comment below!

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