Candles shouldn't make you sick

Candles shouldn't make you sick

Before I started my candle-making journey, I was an avid candle buyer. My obsession began when I was just a teen. My mom always lit one as part of her daily routine. I remember lighting her favorite candle with some music on and winding down before going to sleep. She would use candles every time visitors would come over, during cooking, and after a bath.
Candles were a big part of my childhood, but some of the ones my mom would light smelled too strong, would soot more than usual, and wind up giving me a headache.


Not all candles are created equally. I knew that if I wanted to begin my own candle-making journey, I’d need to avoid making those cheap-scented candles packed with harmful ingredients.



Instead, I leaned into the idea of making candles that are clean-burning and environmentally responsible. You shouldn’t have to worry about what you’re breathing in when you light a candle in your own home - your sanctuary.

After countless hours spent on researching and testing, we found the perfect blend:

  • Coconut-soy wax instead of paraffin wax (the culprit behind strong, cheap scents) for a slower, longer, and cleaner burn.
  • A careful selection of fragrance oils. Some oils come with a long list of toxins that induce headaches and aggravate asthma. That’s why we carefully select, high-quality, toxin-free fragrances that won’t overwhelm your senses.
  • Cotton, lead-free wicks.


If you’re as passionate about candles as I am, it’s important to prioritize clean-burning, sustainable candles. Not only will Tone Collection candles improve your home environment for you and your loved ones, but they’ll also help you keep our planet a little bit cleaner.


Now - go enjoy life’s simple moments. You deserve it. Click here to browse our latest collection.


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