Finding the right scent for each room of your home

Finding the right scent for each room of your home

Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits of a beautiful, scented candle, there are numerous wellness benefits too.


Struggling to sleep? Lacking productivity? Trying to destress? The warmth, light, and scent of candles can help, but there’s a trick…

Make sure you’re using the right scent for the right room. 

As candle-making pros, we’ve put together a general guideline to help you choose the right scent for each room of your home:


Your living room










Herbal scents like rosemary and sage, or fruitier scents like red berries add a clean, fresh feel to common living areas.

Tone collection picks for your living room: 


Bountiful herbs like rosemary, sage, and eucalyptus with a hint of green floral bring you the soft scents of a summer garden any time of year.


Rich wine with notes of juicy red berries and hints of sweet amber ignite memories of cozy nights spent next to people you love, getting lost in good conversation.


Your bathroom










Patchouli and rose notes will foster a spa-like experience as you unwind in your bathtub where scents like sandalwood and coconut introduce a hint of the seaside.

Tone Collection picks for your bathroom:


Ethereal aromas of patchouli, rose, and orange to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.


Fresh freesia and sea salt with warm notes of sandalwood, coconut, and tonka bean remind you of an early summer walk in the sand.


Your bedroom

The soothing scents of honey and warm vanilla encourage relaxation by lowering your blood pressure, easing your heart rate, and reducing insomnia. 

Tone Collection picks for your bedroom:


The light scent of fall’s most delectable flavors. Warm, soft, and a little bit sweet, to wrap you in the comforts of cozy season. 


Try mixing different scents 

For a taste of fresh air, consider blending sweet and musky scents to fill a room with a unique, decadent aroma. 

Tone Collection picks for scent layering:


Bold and rustic, Woodrow brings the smells of soft earth into your home like autumn through an open window. It’s crisp like a walk through fallen leaves and warm like a mug of cider after coming in from the cold.


Bringing energy and freshness to your home, Gaia captures the essence of the changing seasons like fallen leaves giving way to the crisp scent of cypress.


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