The Brand behind the scents.

Authentic expression guided by faith.

I'm Nestle, founder and Candle maker behind TOne Collection.

My love for candle-making began years ago when I was a young girl; I had always been drawn to design, interior décor and of course, the delightful power of scent.

Though I was passionate about candle craft back then, I grew up in an Asian household that pushed me towards a more logical and conforming career with no space for creativity. As a natural nurturer, I pursued nursing, a beautiful and fulfilling path that didn’t quite satisfy my creative vision.

With Tone Collection, I can do both:

Craft artful, contemporary decor pieces to enliven your space.
Curate and encourage dynamic and spirited self-care practices.

If you’re struggling to strike a balance between your demanding day-to-day and prioritizing me-time, think of Tone Collection as your personal muse. 

Feel confident in the quality of your candles, knowing it has been crafted from clean, simple, and high-quality ingredients.

Tone Collection is here for you to express your authentic self, curate your space, and create an environment ripe for self-love and creativity. 

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From our studio to your shelf, Tone Collection is the sentiment of faith.

We create unique scented candles to ignite dreams, play, and the power of devotion. As a staple for the modern and mindful self-care ritual, Tone Collection is the sentiment of faith.

We support organizations that align with our core values of Christian faith, simplicity, and authenticity by donating a portion of every purchase to Compassion International - a ministry providing holistic care to children in need.

Your purchase is so much more than a decoration. Whether you’re taking a mindful moment for devotion, a playful moment to reconnect with yourself, or a moment to relax, know you’re sparking hope every time you light your candle.


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