Tone Collection – Scented candles as a sustainable endeavor

At Tone Collection, we believe that even the slightest change has a dynamic impact. With our commitment to environmental stewardship, we incorporate sustainable practices into our candle craft wherever possible. As a result, our candles retain their delicious aroma while preserving the well-being of our planet.

Even in the tiniest of ways, we take the time to care for our Earth by using:

Vegan wax.

Carefully chosen toxin-free fragrance oils.

100% recycled packaging printed with low volatile organic compound (VOC) ink.

Sustainable Packaging

In 2018, waste from containers and packaging totaled 82.2 million tons (EPA). And with the recovery rate for packaging at only 28%, compostable packaging is crucial to protecting the environment (McKinsey). 

Here’s how Tone Collection upholds this standard: 

  • 100% compostable tape.
  • Recycled labels that are 50% hemp and 50% post-consumer waste.
  • Boxes made from recycled kraft paper and low-VOC ink.

Hand-Poured Concrete Vessels

We opt for concrete over glass vessels that require less energy to produce, are easier to recycle, and endure heavy use. By providing an easy-to-reuse product, we’re putting less burden on the consumer.

However, we recognize that concrete isn’t eco-friendly. That’s why we urge our customers to get creative in upcycling their vessels as plant pots, pencil holders, and storage containers.


Commonly used paraffin wax, derived from non-renewable crude oil, is harmful to the environment in its extraction process and not biodegradable in its solid state.

At Tone Collection, we use the more sustainable coconut-soy wax - made from coconut and soybean oil - which is devoid of potentially hazardous compounds. We also use cotton wicks for candles that burn slower, last longer, and burn without sooty smokiness or residue.


By handcrafting candles in small batches, we’re using less energy than mass-produced products. Furthermore, by purchasing locally crafted goods, consumers are helping to build stronger communities that allow for the use and reuse of high-quality products instead of regularly purchasing new ones. Not only does this lessen our energy use in production, but it also minimizes our emissions footprint. 


    At Tone Collection, we’re dedicated to sustainability across our operations. We intentionally use clean, recyclable, and energy-efficient products because we believe that little changes significantly impact the health and well-being of our communities and our planet.